Renovations, Repairs and Painting (RRP)

How EPA's Lead Rule Affects Renovations, Repairs and Painting (RRP)

In April 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a rule that will have a significant impact on the renovation and remodeling industry. The Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) will change how contractors go about working on certain buildings constructed before 1978.

Effective April 22, 2010, If you work on a house or child occupied facility built before 1978, this rule will apply.

Failure to abide by this rule can result in a fine of $37,500 per incident, per day!

The RRP Requires two separate certifications and specific training.

Certified Firm: The actual company that performs the work must be a Certified Firm. This is a relatively simple administrative process.

Certified Renovator: The Certified Renovator is a named individual who works for a Certified Firm. A Certified Renovator must be assigned to each project and must be present on the job site for certain specific phases of the job. A Certified Renovator may not delegate these specific responsibilities to a non-certified person. The Certified Renovator is also responsible for training all non-certified workers who will be doing actual work on the project. However, non-certified workers may not perform the specific duties required of the Certified Renovator.

EPA's RRP website ( has more information on the rule. The site also has a handbook to help contractors understand the RRP rule called the Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovate Right, this document guides you through the RRP rule without having to read the actual regulation.

Community Revitalization Training Center (CRTC) is an approved training provider for the RRP Initial Class operating under the guidance of National Center for Healthy Housing. CRTC also provides the refresher class.

In Ohio only, CRTC is now authorized to deliver our extended version of the RRP Initial training as the 10 hour continuing education credit required for license renewal by The Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB).

Classes will be held in locations throughout Ohio as needed. Please check our Schedules and Registration page for current and future classes.

We Can Travel

CRTC may also provide these classes as needed in U.S. Territories or other States (unless those States or Territories have reciprocity issues or their own State RRP Program).

Please contact us if you need a class closer to your location or if you have a group that would like to sponsor a class.

The registration fee includes all class materials and supplies. Please note that the class has mandatory hands-on skills assessments that the students must participate in and be assessed as "proficient" by the instructor in order to sit for the test. The course fee also includes a final exam. Class sizes will typically be limited to 25 students but can be up to 35 if requested.

To Schedule A Class:

Call our office at 614-262-6662 or Toll Free at 1-800-282-2782