Technical Assistance

Consultation and technical assistance have been provided to a wide range of clients nationwide. Extensive research is combined with the ideas and suggestions of experienced practitioners that take into account the everyday realities of the affordable housing business.

Creativity and flexibility allow the design and development of technical assistance, working development sessions, consultations, and customized training courses on the full range of community development issues and problems.

Participants learn how to improve the quality and productivity of their housing rehabilitation programs, how to work effectively with the private sector, and how to tailor innovative approaches from other programs to meet their local needs.

Our individually designed consultation and technical assistance covers all areas of community development, including comprehensive planning and evaluation procedures, housing rehabilitation, housing development and management consultation, each designed to meet your own identified needs. Conducted in your local area, technical assistance addresses your housing stock, your programs, and your issues. The technical skills of housing practitioners, combined with the expertise of professional trainers, result in a cost effective and practical alternative to out-of-town training.

Call for more information on how we can customize technical assistance to suit your needs.