The Community Revitalization Training Center (CRTC) is a national training and technical assistance center.

Our primary function is to provide practical training and technical assistance opportunities for housing rehab and community development professionals.

We offer customized services related to housing rehab and community development training and software.

CRTC has recently acquired RESPEC, Rehabilitation Estimating and SPECwriting software, a complete end-to-end system for Housing Rehabilitation Agencies

CRTC Software


Is a sophisticated housing rehabilitation estimating and specification writing system that speeds up the process of producing construction work write-up reports from days to only a few hours. Now includes Intake and HousingDB programs to manage the entire rehab process.

Permits Local

Simplified easy to use software for the smaller building department. Contains most of the functionality of Permit Central in a smaller, easier to use and less expensive package.

Permits Central

Helps local government and building departments efficiently issue and facilitate residential and commercial building permits and assists with zoning, inspections, fees, contractor registration, reporting and handling inquiries.